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Please ensure that all contact details and means of identification appear in PART A only as the remainder of the application will be anonymised for evaluation and selection purposes.

Research Proposal - Part B

The aim of the action-led research project is to address practical problems or developments in a school or other educational setting that will creatively improve teaching, achievement and progress for children with SEND in primary, early years or special schools/settings. An essential aim is to develop evidence-based practice across the collaboration that informs and improves the quality of teaching, learning and leadership. Your research should also be capable of transferability so that it makes a meaningful contribution to the school-led system.

In your proposal please clearly state the difference your research will make in terms of improved outcomes and impact.

The Grant

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If you have any questions or need clarification please ring Maggie Roger on 07960 684 014.

If you would rather print out and post the form to us you can download the PDF here. Please send the completed form to The Laurel Trust, 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4R 1BE

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