About your collaboration of schools/partners: please answer all questions

    Gaining a clear picture...

    In order that we can gain a clearer picture of the research or innovation you are planning please write an outline covering the following points. It is important that you do not exceed 2,000 words overall. It may be easier for you to use a mixture of brief descriptive text and bullet points. It would be helpful if you could cover the following points:

    The BERA Guidelines for Education Research Fourth Edition (2018) would be helpful to you in considering the next question: www.bera.ac.uk/publications/ethical-guidelines-for-education-research-2019-online

    Money matters

    Permission to Contact Reply Slip in compliance with GDPR

    Important Steps

    • Submit your on-line application before 5pm on Friday 26th November 2021.
    • Once you have completed your Application Form please go to our Data Protection Page and read it carefully. Then complete the Permission to Contact Form and complete and submit both. This is an extremely important step as we cannot process your application or contact you without the completed permission.
    • Please post a completed hard copy of your application signed by the Headteacher and Chair of Governors/Trustees to:
      Maggie Roger, Consultant Director
      The Laurel Trust c/o Stone King LLP
      Boundary House
      91 Charterhouse Street
      EC1M 6HR
    • It is important that you do not just apply online but keep an additional copy of your application for future reference. Several schools have simply applied on line and not kept a copy.

    What Next?

    When your application is received it is anonymised and the Trustees’ Selection Panel make their judgements and decisions based on how your collaboration meet the criteria set, the quality of your submission and the impact your research or innovation is likely to have.

    You will be contacted about result of your application before the end of the Autumn Term 2021.

    If the Trustees wish to take your application further you will be invited to a Zoom discussion in January 2022. The meeting will be with a small panel of Trustees so that they can gain a fuller picture of your intended research, your partners and the nature of the collaboration and raise any points for clarification. Successful applicants will be advised of the outcomes so that they can begin their research in February 2022.

    It is anticipated that this cycle of research would be completed and a report submitted by June 2023.

    The final grant award is dependent upon you completing an action plan, timeline and indicative budget and submitting this to the Board of Trustees at the start of your research.

    In addition, the Lead School will be asked to sign our partnership agreement with The Laurel Trust which sets out the terms of our contract with you.